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Who are Sabella Consulting & Solutions?

Foodservice is the only industry that brings people and food together. It is imperative that this industry continues to thrive as it not only helps business but is integral  to keeping human interaction alive. 

Sabella Consulting & Solutions ("SC&S") is a  boutique consulting service founded by its Principal, Sabah Hussain  focused on providing commercial advisory, training, tools and strategic recommendations to small businesses with a specialised focus on all aspects of the Foodservice industry being cafes, restaurants,  food manufacturers and suppliers. 

Sabah has over 15 years of in house experience of delivering financial support, strategic analysis and business partnering across all a multitude of industries including FMCG  food and product manufacturing with a focus on foodservice delivery channels,   Franchising,  media, entertainment, venue management and corporate recovery and insolvency.  Organisations include  George Weston Foods,  Snap Franchising & Fox Film Entertainment Group.

Running a small business is tough particularly when you have to focus on the day to day operations in addition to managing the book keeping, the administration and everything in between!

This often leaves many small businesses with limited time to step back and deeply think wholistically about their individual business's profitability, its gross margins, maximising supplier arrangements, opportunities for improvement and overall commercial viability as trends and technology changes.

Given this time and resource constraint many small businesses face, it can help to reach out to a professional to provide a fresh pair of eyes to assist with providing customised generalised advisory whether it  be assessing the potential financial implications business challenge or opportunity, providing insight on current product mix and profitability or providing quick wins to improve general operations. 


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